Performance Biomechanics


The way in which someone or something functions.


The study of the mechanics of a living body, especially of the forces exerted by muscles and gravity on the skeletal structure.


Brad Fryer

I was referred to Jake by a former colleague who suggested I go see, "her guy" who could help me. I was scheduled for back surgery in 3 weeks and was open to exploring my last option before I went under the knife. I had tried, massage, chiropractors, physical therapy and acupuncture...all of which were not able to help me with my bulging disk (L4/L5) and sciatica down my left leg. Within two weeks of working with Jake, my symptoms had all but disappeared and I was on my way to recovery but more importantly I avoided surgery all together. That was over a year ago and I my symptoms have never returned. I am now working out regularly with no back pain or symptoms. I am a firm believer in MAT and Jake. He is a wealth of knowledge on MAT, exercise and diet. He has become my central source of information on health, exercise and diet. I have referred over 10 friends to Jake and everyone has seen improvements in their health and symptoms. I am confident in recommending Jake to anyone who has either chronic pain or symptoms that are preventing them from living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Ruth Papazian

I developed a chronic shoulder pain and severe immobility which grew progressively over 8 months, it was unusual as I had not sustained an injury to cause this. After many doctor visits, MRI's and ultimately a recommendation from an orthopedic surgeon to operate (they really did not know what was wrong) I was thankfully referred to Jacob and his MAT therapy by a friend. Frankly, I was was amazed by the rather immediate and then longer term results. I can't explain how it all works (that is his job) but i can testify that is does! I have FULL mobility, and no surgery. Additionally the benefits of the Muscle Activation Therapy sessions have strengthened my entire body and have become a part of my weekly regimen.

Kathryn Hall

First - the confession: I am Jake's mother. Because of our relationship, however, I have had the opportunity to listen to his excitement and the many amazing stories he has to share about clients who have been helped by MAT in dramatic ways. I continue to be impressed with the knowledge, insight and passion he brings to his work. I've also had the opportunity to experience personal benefits when he has worked with me. I knew that my body wasn't functioning well but as he began muscle testing, I was surprised to find so many specific areas where I had weakness. Through manipulation of muscles elsewhere in my body (often in my feet) the muscle in my arm, shoulder, hip, or other location would lock in and become instantaneously strong. Walking became easier, less painful and more balanced. My feet didn't "flop". They bent naturally in ways I'd forgotten that feet are supposed to bend. Perhaps the most amazing thing though was related to inflammation and swelling that I carried in my left leg even 2 years after a knee replacement surgery. As Jake worked with the muscles in my left foot, a very visible "crater" about the size of a silver dollar spontaneously appeared in the area of my lower shin. Literally before our eyes, that crater spread out in an ever widening circle until all of the swelling dissipated. The inflammation vanished as we watched in a matter of minutes! We worked intensively, every other day, during my visit to California and I followed the simple exercises, using a large rubber band, which he prescribed for me to maintain the gains I made.

I also want to mention that in January 2011, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and was immediately put on medication. Jake gave me some dietary tips which I followed faithfully. As a result, I was able to bring my blood sugar levels back to normal in less than 3 weeks so I quit taking the medication with my doctor's approval. I continue to have no evidence of the disease more than a year later. Of course Jake is NOT a doctor and would not advise anyone to stop medication without the approval of their M.D. but I will tell you that the change in my health has been far reaching and dramatic under his guidance. A happy side effect is also that, in the process, I have shed approximately 100 pounds! My little dog and I now walk from 1-4 miles daily without pain; something I never, ever thought would be possible. I am not just a proud mother. I am a very satisfied client.

Charles "Red" Scott

I consider Jake to be an expert in the bodies' muscles, tendons and ligaments. Several times over the last couple of years I have had one or more muscles or tendons "get out of order" and to begin to inflict some serious pain. Each time Jake has been able to figure out what was going on to cause this disruption - - and then to eliminate the pain and correct the situation after just a few sessions.

I highly recommend him in this very special field of taking care of an "active" body.

Gina Phillips

Jake is the most amazing health professional that I know. Learning about MAT ( Muscle Activation Technique ) and having it done on a weekly basis instead of going to a chiropractor or sports therapist has given my body and mind a new attitude about recovery from surgery, athletic injury or any muscle weakness. This type of treatment is not going to work if you think everything will be fine after one session... this is an investment in your overall health and learning to train your body to use muscles you never knew existed. Each session is also an education into what the body and muscles within me are capable of doing and at the same time I learn about good nutrition and how my muscles integrate throughout my whole body. It's fascinating to learn and Jake is a great teacher, unbelievable trainer, and MAT technician. I've seen his enthusiasm about his profession grow as he continually seeks to further invest in his education and assist his client base to be "in the know" about their body and health.